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NOTE: The technique used here to do the wave rendering has been made obsolete by my new wave shader. https://wattson.itch.io/renpy-wave-shader This project will be kept up for anyone wanting it for older versions of renpy, for the palette cycling or the rotating wave effect. Otherwise I'd suggest using the shader in all other cases.

This project is made to demonstrate a novel way of distorting text and images in your renpy projects. Simply download the project and insert the wave_renderer.rpy file into your project to get started. 

Originally inspired by https://youtu.be/zjQik7uwLIQ I wanted to see if I could replicate Earthbound battle backgrounds in Ren'py and came up with this. 

Also includes some palette cycling code as a bonus.

Works on Ren'py 7.3.5 and above (and probably older I just don't know how far back). If you are using Ren'py 7.4, it is recommended you use a shader instead as this can lag pretty hard if you're not careful. 

For more information on how on to reduce possible lag and it works, check the Github: https://github.com/SoDaRa/WaveRendering

Credit to:

Minotaur Workshop for allowing me to use their Nito sprite for demo purposes. Check them out at https://minoh.itch.io/minotaur-hotel

Sunset Image borrowed from https://www.flickr.com/photos/rcweir/11074856536/ and modified to fit screen resolution and demonstrate melt effect.

Earthbound backgrounds copyrighted to Nintendo. Please don't sue.

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An excellent addon for RenPy!

Great stuff! I just used in a game and worked perfectly.