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This project is a wave shader for Ren'py that allows you to create a lot of water-like distortion effects with an easy setup. Simply download the project and insert the wave_shader.rpy file into your project to get started. A text effect that uses the wave shader is also included in wavey_tag.rpy if you wish to have that as well. Note: wavey_tag.rpy assumes you have also installed my kinetic-text-tags.rpy, which is available in the demo project and here

Works on Ren'py 7.4. Older versions will not be able to run this.

This project is a follow-up to my Wave Rendering (https://wattson.itch.io/renpy-wave-rendering) project I put out last year. Unlike that project, this one uses an actual shader to achieve the effect, making it much less intensive on the CPU and less prone to lagging. So I generally advise using this over that old method. It also has more options to mess with the melting and doubling effects. 

However, I will continue to leave the old project up in the case:

  •  Someone is using Renpy 7.3.5 or below
  • Is interested in using the other effects shown in that project 

This project can replicate most of the ones achievable in the old one, save for making the rotating wave effect and color palette stuff. Though I consider those pretty niche.

Credit to:

Minotaur Workshop for allowing me to use their Nito sprite for demo purposes. Check them out at https://minoh.itch.io/minotaur-hotel

Deep-fold for his pixel art space background generator.

Earthbound backgrounds copyrighted to Nintendo.

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GenreVisual Novel
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wave_shader.rpy 14 kB
wavey_tag.rpy 4 kB
WaveShader-1.0-pc.zip 76 MB
WaveShader-1.0-mac.zip 41 MB


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Not only that you can use this shader for backgrounds, no you can also use it to give standard sprites a touch of animation, it looks like they are alive. Thank you for sharing!

Kind regards


This is amazing!

Cool, was searchting for something like this, thanks :)


This absolutely rules. Can't wait to try it out!

will work great for affects of drugs xd